27 February 2017

Tearsheets: Simon Fitzmaurice in NY Times

Last week I had the great pleasure to meet and photograph Simon Fitzmaurice, an Irish movie director suffering of motor neuron disease.

Simon is fully paralysed. He lost mobility in his limbs and can no longer speak, swallow or breathe without artificial help. The only way he communicates is through an eye-gaze computer - a tracking device that captures the movement of his eyes as they rest on a letter or phrase on a smartphone-like keyboard, causing the characters to appear on a screen.

Despite his serious condition, Simon refuses to bow down to the disease and he have just released his first feature film, My Name Is Emily.

Below is the tearsheet with the photos shot for The New York Times, and the link to the story: 'In the Face of A.L.S., Simon Fitzmaurice Finds His Fire Inside'

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