27 March 2012

Billion Euro House

This afternoon I've got chance to shoot an unusual art installation by the Irish artist Frank Buckley, the Billion Euro House.

The artist built the house using thousands of bricks of shredded, decommissioned cash (each brick contains, roughly, what used to be 50,000 euros). Worthless euros, taken out of circulation and shredded by Ireland’s Central Bank, formes the interior walls of an apartment that Frank does not own in a building left vacant by the country’s economic ruin.

He reckons that about 1.4 billion euros actually went into it, but the joke, of course, is that it is worth simultaneously so much and so little. A large gravestone beside the main door, announces that Irish sovereignty died in 2010, the year that the government accepted an international bailout so larded with onerous conditions that the Irish will be paying for it for years to come.

Below, Frank jumping to a bed in the only bedroom at his Billion Euro House.

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