17 July 2011

Praise the lord but "no pictures please"

Spent the morning trying to get access to one of the many highly entertaining evangelic ceremonies around Nairobi. No one other than Helicopter Preacher (the guy actually goes by that name), was keen to let me in.

After ten minutes explaining my totally made up intents, Helicopter Preacher agreed to let me take part of the ceremony but "no pictures allowed sir!". I think he sensed my bullshit, however he really expected to have me converted by the end of his performance.

Spent twenty minutes contemplating the show in this little room on the first floor of some shitty building just across my hotel. Saw some loud singing, frantic hands in the air and take-the-devil-out-of-this-body sort of shebang, a moment I always wanted to photograph. At the first attempt to sneak a frame, the gorillas in charged of "my protection" kindly escorted me out. No violence involved. Quite happy with that!

In the end, no pictures from the evangelic dudes in Kenya, but I'm posting one of some religious women in South Sudan.

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