22 June 2015

On assignment: Bujumbura students

One of the 512 Burundian university students currently seeking shelter outside the US embassy in Bujumbura, sits on a foam mattress in a room of a vacant building close by.

The students moved to the area in early May because, they claim, the US authorities ensure their security, after their university was closed amid anti-government protests. The government closed the university at the end of April, citing “insecurity”.

01 June 2015

Tearsheets: Radical buddhism in Expresso

Below, a screengrab of and article by my colleague and friend Margarida Mota, illustrated with a photograph I took of Ashin Wirathu minutes before my interview with him at his temple in Mandalay.

Margarida's article can be read (in Portuguese only) here: 'Quando os Nobel da Paz contribuem para a guerra'

31 May 2015

Tearsheets: Ashin Wirathu in Expresso

My interview (and photo) with Ashin Wirathu, the Buddhist monk and spiritual leader of the 969 anti-Muslim movement in Burma/Myanmar, in this week's print edition of Expresso.

28 May 2015

From the archive: Dawn in Yangon

A local resident exercises in the early hours of the day, facing a fenced garden in central Yangon.

24 May 2015

On assignment: Marriage equality referendum

People pass by a VOTE YES campaign graffiti in central Dublin, as the votes on Ireland’s referendum on same-sex marriage were being counted around the country.

Ireland become the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote, sweeping aside the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church in a resounding victory for the gay rights movement.

20 May 2015

Tearsheets: Marriage equality in NYT

I'm really pleased with another of my pictures in the front page of today's The New York Times. This time with a really important story on the upcoming marriage equality referendum in Ireland.

The text is by Douglas Dalby: 'Gay Marriage on Ballot Shows Shift in Irish Attitudes'

12 May 2015

Tearsheets: Cold War fear in the Irish Sea in NYT

Pleased to see one of my pictures in the front page of today's International The New York Times. The photo was taken on assignment for a story by Stephen Castle in Ardglass, Northern Ireland: 'Russia Tests Distant Waters, Resurfacing Cold War Fears'

07 May 2015

On assignment: Equality referendum

A man reads a paper at a election/referendum staff training venue in Dublin city centre, ahead of the Gender Equality referendum in Ireland.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

05 May 2015

On assignment: Pagans in Northern Ireland

Sharon Neill, of the Order of the Golden River church, assists Patrick Carberry performing the ceremony of Bealtaine, the Celtic May Day festival that marks the beginning of Summer, at Ballynoe Stone Circle near Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

Patrick Carberry has recently been officially recognised as the first Pagan priest in Northern Ireland after having his Order also recognised as a church.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

20 April 2015

On assignment: Marriage equality in Ireland

Pro-equality mural by artist Joe Caslin on the side of the Mercantile building at the junction of South Great George’s Street and Dame Street in ‎Dublin, ‎Ireland.

12 April 2015

Tearsheets: Derry on NYT frontpages

I'm really happy to see two of my pictures in the front pages of The New York Times.  The photos were taken on assignment for a story by Katrin Bennhold in Derry, Northern Ireland: 'Healing fire in Londonderry: The Temple was built to burn'