12 September 2014

From the archive: East Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland - April 12, 2013: A woman passes by a Titanic’s memorial mural in Newtown Road, East Belfast.

03 September 2014

From the archive: War in Syria

August 09, 2012 - Aleppo, Syria: A group of Free Syria Army (FSA) fighters leave their headquarters in Haneno neighborhood, to join their comrades on the frontline at Salehedine, Aleppo.

01 September 2014

Back from holidays

I'm back form a two weeks holidays in Southeast Asia. Getting back to work soon.
Below, a local merchant does his bookkeeping at the end of the day in central Melaka, Malaysia.

29 August 2014

Jim Foley in Expresso

Here's the tearsheet of my humble homage to my late colleague and friend James Foley, published in Expresso a day after his assassination by the ISIS terrorists somewhere in Syria. This is one of the most difficult articles I ever wrote.

25 August 2014

KLPA2014 in The Star

Malaysia's national newspaper The Star, published a double page spread on the KLPA2014 exhibition opening in Kuala Lumpur. Below, a picture of the spread.

The article can be read online here: 'Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards: Facing the World'

09 August 2014

My latest story from eastern Ukraine in today's print edition of Expresso: 'Grabovo: E um dia a morte caiu do céu'

08 August 2014

Rebel fighters in Donetsk

Local rebel fighters monitor movements in the distance where shelling and combate between the Ukrainian army and rebels forces is happening, near Grabovo village, eastern Ukraine.

05 August 2014

Grabovo II

Locals attend a religious ceremony at the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site in Grabovo, a small rural village in the province of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed killing all 298 on board including 80 children. The aircraft was allegedly shot down by a missile and investigations continue over the perpetrators of the attack.

04 August 2014


Locals walk by the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site in Grabovo, a small rural village in the province of Donetsk.

03 August 2014

MH17 crash site

A religious ceremony takes place at the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site in Grabovo, a small rural village in the province of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

31 July 2014

10 June 2014

Children's unmarked grave in Tuam

A family visits the site in Tuam that a historian says is the burial place of hundreds of children, mostly babies, of unwed mothers.

01 June 2014


Family members pay respect to the body of Alexey Vorobyov, a bystander shot dead two days earlier during a gunfight between Ukrainian soldier and armed pro-Russia separatist groups in central Mariupol, eastern Ukraine.

24 May 2014

Ukraine tensions run high

Ukrainian soldiers guard a checkpoint in Novatroizk, eastern Ukraine. Pro-Russian militants ambushed Ukrainian troops nearby the day before, killing seven and wounding another eight in the most deadly attack yet on Ukrainian forces.

23 May 2014

Tearsheets: Death in Starovarvarovka in Expresso

Here's the tearsheet of my latest story on the crisis in eastern Ukraine, published in this week's print edition of Expresso.

22 May 2014

Lena Ott's funeral

Family and friends attend the funeral of Elena Ott, a 42 year old mother of two killed by gunfire near an Ukrainian military checkpoint, as she was driving home with her youngest son, on the evening of the 14th of May.