01 December 2017

On assignment: East Belfast

A local man passes by a loyalist mural in Newtownards Road, a predominately protestant and loyalist neighbourhood in East Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Photo taken on assignment for The Globe and Mail.

13 November 2017

On assignment: Tuam mother and babies home

Frannie Hopkins, who at age of 12 in 1975, while playing with a friend, found the remains of children at St. Mary’s Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, poses for a portrait at his house in Tuam, Ireland.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

12 November 2017

Tearsheets: Brexit border in Expresso

Some of my photographs from around the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, have been published in the weekend print edition of the Portuguese magazine E, a supplement magazine of Expresso newspaper.

08 November 2017

Tearsheets: Tuam Babies in NY Times

The New York Times published last week 'The Lost Children of Tuam', a eight pages special report I have had the pleasure to work on with the brilliant reporter Dan Barry, the videographer Kassie Bracken and reporter Megan Specia.

This amazingly written story can be seen online here: 'The Lost Children of Tuam'. Make sure to watch the powerful video documentary in it.

01 September 2017

On assignment: Northern Ireland and Brexit

A worker welding machinery at George Fleming farm-equipment company, located two miles from the border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, in Newbuildings, Derry/Londonderry.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

06 August 2017

Tearsheets: Oceans Seven in NY Times

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure to meet Antonio Arguelles, a 58 year old Mexican swimmer, as he set out to cross the North Channel from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland to Scotland.

Antonio managed to cross the channel in 13 hours and 32 minutes, becoming the first Latin American, the seventh person ever and the oldest to complete the Oceans Seven, the open water swimming’s answer to climbing the Seven Summits of mountaineering.

Below, the screengrab of one of the photographs shot on assignment for The New York Times. The full story can be seen here: 'In a swimmer's two-year quest, a final 21-mile challenge'

05 August 2017

Tearsheets: Brexit borders in NY Times

Here's the screengrab of one of my photographs taken on assignment for The New York Times for a story on the possible effects of 'Brexit' on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The full story, with text by Sarah Lyall, can be seen here: 'On Irish border, worries that 'Brexit' will undo hard-won peace'

20 July 2017

From the archive: Slavyansk

A statue of Vladimir Lenin can be seen reflecting in a puddle in Slavyansk main square, a small city taken under control by pro-Russia activists and militiamen.

19 July 2017

From the archive: Shelter

A group of young men inside an improvised bomb shelter in the basement of a residential building in central Donetsk.

20 June 2017

Tearsheets: Shetland in The New York Times

Here's a screengrab of one of the photos taken on assignment for The New York Times in the beautiful Shetland Islands. The Full story, written by Stephen Castle, can be seen here: 'A lump of rock, an otter and a secessionist'

15 June 2017

From the archive: Ghosts of a current war

A local resident sits in a bomb shelter in the basement of a destroyed hospital in Kievsky District in Donetsk. Kievsky is one of the areas most affected by the fierce fight between DNR rebels and the Ukrainian military over the control of the city airport. Throughout Donetsk, there are people living in very basic shelters and under constant shellfire for almost four months. Many of them without electricity, humanitarian aid or a chance to move to safer areas.

Photo taken on assignment on October 2014.

04 June 2017

From the archive: Burundi students

University students build improvised shower and toilet facilities outside a vacant building close to the American Embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi. Hundreds move here seeking refuge from the national police crackdown on university students involved in anti-government protests. Photo taken in June 2015.

31 May 2017

From the archive: Ukrainian funeral

Family and friends attend the funeral of Elena Ott, a 42 year old mother of two killed by gunfire near an Ukrainian military checkpoint as she was driving home one evening with her youngest son. Starovarvarovka, Donetsk - May/2014.

21 April 2017

On assignment: Flagstaff

General view of Carlingford Lough, a glacial fjord or sea inlet that forms part of the border between Northern Ireland to the north and the Republic of Ireland to the south, as seen from Flagstaff view point.

Photo taken on assignment for Le Point magazine.

19 April 2017

On assignment: Shetland

Scenic view of coast land outside Lerwick in Shetland main island. Prompted by Brexit and the prospect of a second independence referendum for Scotland, the fiercely independent Shetland Islanders are once again debating the need for more autonomy.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

31 March 2017

On assignment: Marie Collins

Marie Collins, a survivor of child sexual abuse in the Irish Catholic Church, poses for a portrait in her home in south Dublin, Ireland. Photo taken on assignment for Le Pèlerin magazine.