21 April 2017

On assignment: Flagstaff

General view of Carlingford Lough, a glacial fjord or sea inlet that forms part of the border between Northern Ireland to the north and the Republic of Ireland to the south, as seen from Flagstaff view point.

Photo taken on assignment for Le Point magazine.

19 April 2017

On assignment: Shetland

Scenic view of coast land outside Lerwick in Shetland main island. Prompted by Brexit and the prospect of a second independence referendum for Scotland, the fiercely independent Shetland Islanders are once again debating the need for more autonomy.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

31 March 2017

On assignment: Marie Collins

Marie Collins, a survivor of child sexual abuse in the Irish Catholic Church, poses for a portrait in her home in south Dublin, Ireland. Photo taken on assignment for Le Pèlerin magazine.

22 March 2017

From the archive: Belgrade

Cloths belonging to migrants are seen drying hanging from a tree near the old warehouses beside Belgrade's main railway station.

10 March 2017

From the archive: Lenin

A portrait of Vladimir Lenin is seen resting atop a newly build barricade set up by pro-Russia activists around the Donbass Regional Government building in central Donetsk, Ukraine.

04 March 2017

From the archive: Mass grave in Tuam

A memorial plaque is seen among vegetation in a corner of the grave site where Catherine Corless, a local historian from Tuam, had been telling the authorities for years that dead infants might have been buried in an old sewage system on the grounds of a former home for unmarried mothers and their children in the west of Ireland.

Little attention was paid to Mrs. Cordless' claims at first, but the questions eventually led to the establishment of a state-financed investigation, and this week the investigators said that the remains of babies, small children and fetuses had been found where she said they would.

The photograph below was taken on assignment for The New York Times in early June 2014.

28 February 2017

Tearsheets: Migrants in Courrier Internacional

My story on migrants stuck in Belgrade, Serbia, appears in this month's edition of Courrier Internacional in Portugal. The tearsheets can be seen below.

27 February 2017

Tearsheets: Simon Fitzmaurice in NY Times

Last week I had the great pleasure to meet and photograph Simon Fitzmaurice, an Irish movie director suffering of motor neuron disease.

Simon is fully paralysed. He lost mobility in his limbs and can no longer speak, swallow or breathe without artificial help. The only way he communicates is through an eye-gaze computer - a tracking device that captures the movement of his eyes as they rest on a letter or phrase on a smartphone-like keyboard, causing the characters to appear on a screen.

Despite his serious condition, Simon refuses to bow down to the disease and he have just released his first feature film, My Name Is Emily.

Below is the tearsheet with the photos shot for The New York Times, and the link to the story: 'In the Face of A.L.S., Simon Fitzmaurice Finds His Fire Inside'

24 February 2017

From the archive: En route to Europe

Abbas Khan, a 21 year old Pakistani migrant living for the past four months in a makeshift shelter near Belgrade's main railway and bus stations, in Serbia. As the majority of the migrants living here, Mr. Khan awaits the opportunity to cross the border with Hungary or Croatia so he can proceed his journey towards western Europe.

19 February 2017

From the archive: Postcards from Idomeni

Syrian children play outside a tent at the Greek-Macedonian border town of Idomeni, in Greece, on March 07, 2016.

12 February 2017

From the archive: Cairo nights

A female protestor shouts anti Mohamed Morsi slogans outside the presidential palace, in central Cairo, where tens of thousands gathered to voice their anger against a planned referendum for a new islamic based constitution.

11 February 2017

Tearsheets: Belgrade migrants in P3

Last week I had the pleasure to speak with Ana Maia from the Publico's P3 about my work on migrants stuck in Belgrade, Serbia. Below, the links for the interview (in Portuguese only) and a slideshow with a short sample of the work:

07 February 2017

01 February 2017

Migrants' plight in frozen Belgrade

An afghan migrant tends a open fire inside an abandoned warehouse in central Belgrade. The air inside is saturated with the smoke from open fires burning toxic railway sleepers, creating clouds of noxious fumes.

To see the full story can be seen here: 'Migrants' plight in frozen Belgrade'

26 January 2017

23 January 2017

On assignment: Sah Muhammad

Sah Muhammad, a 30 year old Afghan migrant from Kabul living for the past 8 months in a warehouse near Belgrade's main railway station in Serbia.

21 January 2017

On assignment: Afghan migrant

An afghani migrant washes himself outside a warehouse near Belgrade’s main railway station, in Serbia, where the temperatures dropped to -14 degrees Celsius.

20 January 2017

On assignment: Belgrade

An young Afghan tends to a fire in one of the abandoned warehouses in central Belgrade, used in recent months as shelter for hundreds of migrants en route to Western Europe.