19 February 2017

From the archive: Postcards from Idomeni

Syrian children play outside a tent at the Greek-Macedonian border town of Idomeni, in Greece, on March 07, 2016.

12 February 2017

From the archive: Cairo nights

A female protestor shouts anti Mohamed Morsi slogans outside the presidential palace, in central Cairo, where tens of thousands gathered to voice their anger against a planned referendum for a new islamic based constitution.

11 February 2017

Tearsheets: Belgrade migrants in P3

Last week I had the pleasure to speak with Ana Maia from the Publico's P3 about my work on migrants stuck in Belgrade, Serbia. Below, the links for the interview (in Portuguese only) and a slideshow with a short sample of the work:

07 February 2017

01 February 2017

Migrants' plight in frozen Belgrade

An afghan migrant tends a open fire inside an abandoned warehouse in central Belgrade. The air inside is saturated with the smoke from open fires burning toxic railway sleepers, creating clouds of noxious fumes.

To see the full story can be seen here: 'Migrants' plight in frozen Belgrade'

26 January 2017

23 January 2017

On assignment: Sah Muhammad

Sah Muhammad, a 30 year old Afghan migrant from Kabul living for the past 8 months in a warehouse near Belgrade's main railway station in Serbia.

21 January 2017

On assignment: Afghan migrant

An afghani migrant washes himself outside a warehouse near Belgrade’s main railway station, in Serbia, where the temperatures dropped to -14 degrees Celsius.

20 January 2017

On assignment: Belgrade

An young Afghan tends to a fire in one of the abandoned warehouses in central Belgrade, used in recent months as shelter for hundreds of migrants en route to Western Europe.

14 January 2017

From the archive: Migrants in Greece

A migrant child plays in dirty water surrounding tents at the Greek-Macedonian border station of Idomeni, Greece, in March 2016.

19 December 2016

Tearsheets: Trump's Irish Wall in WSJ

Here's the screengrab of some of the pictures taken on assignment for The Wall Street Journal around the small town of Doonbeg in Ireland's west coast. The text is by Stu Woo: 'Slugfest: Trump Scales Down Plans for Wall—In Ireland, That Is'

09 December 2016

On assignment: Trump's Irish wall

Local councillor PJ Kelly, listens to consultant engineers at Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg, presenting a second proposal for the construction of a wall, which would be covered in sand and invisible to the public, to prevent coastal erosion that in recent years have caused destruction to the resort’s golf course.

Photo taken on assignment for The Wall Street Journal.

08 December 2016

On assignment: Loop Head lighthouse

An attendant opens the door to Loop Head Lighthouse, a new tourist attraction in County Clare.

According to local councillors, US President-elect Donald Trump’s business presence in the county is bringing more tourists to the isolated region of the west coast of Ireland.

Photo taken on assignment for The Wall Street Journal.

24 November 2016

On assignment: Doughmore Bay

A local man exercises his horse at Doughmore Bay, a public beach neighbouring Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg, Ireland.

Mr. Trump's company in Ireland is involved in planning dispute over the construction of a 3kms wall along the public beach to protect the golf resort from erosion.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

11 November 2016

On assignment: Protesting housing crisis

The reflection of people taking part in a protest march against the ongoing housing and homeless crisis in Ireland, and demanding the government to declare a national housing emergency, can be seen on the window of a local social club in central Dublin. 

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

05 November 2016

On assignment: PSNI Chief Constable

Mark Hamilton, who leads Britain’s hate crime policy for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, at his office at the Police Service of Northern Ireland headquarters in Belfast. This portrait was taken on assignment for The New York Times.

04 November 2016

On assignment: The Street Bar of Edinburgh

A member of Edinburgh University LGBT students association stands outside in The Street bar, one of the most prominent gay venues in central Edinburgh. The gay scene in Scotland’s capital city have bloom in recent years. Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.