16 August 2016

From the archive: Fleeing war

A group of Nuba people rests under the shade of a tree before continue the three to four day journey to a refugee camp in the neighbour South Sudan. Thousands have fled the bombardments and hunger in South Kordofan.

26 July 2016

From the archive: Juba days

A local man casts the net during an early morning fishing session at the River Nile in Juba, South Sudan.

23 June 2016

Tearsheets: Ireland's housing crisis in FT

Here's the screenshot of one of my photos taken on assignment for Financial Times on the current housing crisis in Ireland.

09 June 2016

From the archive: Donetsk under shelling

Volunteer workers clean the debris from the gymnastic pavilion of School 61 in central Donetsk, hours after it was hit by shellfire claimed to be shot by the Ukrainian National Guard during fighting for the control of the city's airport area.

04 June 2016

On assignment: Green men

Delegates walk by at the 72nd IATA Annual General Meeting in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), central Dublin on June 2, 2016. Photo taken on assignment for AFP.

20 May 2016

From the archive: daily life in Kabul

Afghan boys sit around a fire after a long day scavenging for recyclables at a garbage dump site in the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan.

04 May 2016

From the archive: SPLA soldier

An Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) soldier at the frontline near Bentiu, Unity State, South Sudan.

28 April 2016

27 April 2016

From the archive: Libya war

Libyan rebel fighters praying inside an outpost near Bir Ayyad, in the western mountains of Libya.

25 April 2016

Tearsheets: Iceland in Expresso

Here's the tearsheet of my latest story on the political crisis in Iceland over the Prime Minister's involvement in the Panama Papers and the Icelandic Pirate Party's growing popularity, published in this week's print edition of Expresso.

20 April 2016

On assignment: in Reykjavik, Iceland

Locals gathered in front of the parliament building (Alþingi) in central Reykjavik, to protest against the involvement of Iceland’s government members in the Panama Papers leak.

22 March 2016

On assignment: Cold mornings in Idomeni

Migrants walk by the border post between Greece and Macedonia during a foggy morning in Idomeni, Greece.

16 March 2016

On assignment: on the shores of Lesbos

A spanish volunteer lights an emergency flare to call the attention of Syrian and Afghan migrants approaching the coast of the greek island of Lesbos on a precarious dinghy.

15 March 2016

Tearsheets: Migrant crisis in Expresso

Here's two tearsheets of my feature stories on the refugee and migrant crisis in Lesbos and Idomeni, published in Expresso.

14 March 2016

On assignment: Idomeni

Syrian refugees are seen standing outside their tents, after a night of heavy rain fall, at the Greek-Macedonian border station of Idomeni, Greece.

13 March 2016

On assignment: The cold nights of Idomeni

Syrian refugees sit around a fire pit used to keep tents warm during the cold nights at the border between Greece and Macedonia in Idomeni, Greece. Around 13,000 migrants and refugees, mostly from the Middle East and African nations, are believe to be stranded here awaiting a chance to proceed their journey towards Germany and other northern European countries.