06 October 2015

From the archive: Afghan National Police

Afghan National Police (ANP) cadets train riot control during morning exercises at the Afghan Nacional Police Academy in Kabul.

ANP Academy trains 1250 cadets at the time during a period of four years. Every year, five hundred new recruits are selected, out of more than nine thousand of candidates, to join the academy and other five hundred graduate.

10 September 2015

Tearsheets: Kiev protests in Dodho Magazine

Dodho Magazine published early this week a retrospective of my work on the protests in Kiev's Independence Square during 2013 and 2014.

The full article and a slideshow can be seen here: 'Kiev Fiery Protests'

30 August 2015

On assignment: Hurling match

Kevin Og O Conghaile, the goalkeeper for Connemara's Michael Breathnach hurling team, warms up before a cup match against Kinvara GAA Club in Kinvara.

21 August 2015

On assignment: Hurling in Ireland

TJ Larkin, a 70 year old hurley maker, walks into his workshop in Killimor, County Galway.

Photo taken on assignment for The New York Times.

04 August 2015

Tearsheets: Burundi in Courrier Internacional

I'm really pleased to see to see my work from Burundi in this month's print issue of Courrier Internacional.

30 July 2015

On assignment: Ramadan in Bujumbura

A local Imam is seen reading the Quran during the first day of Ramadan in a multi-religious neighbourhood in Bujumbura, Burundi.

14 July 2015

Editing Burundi

Members of Burundi’s National Electoral Commission stand outside a classroom used as a poling station for the parliamentary elections in Cibitoke neighbourhood, Bujumbura.

06 July 2015

On assignment: Daily life in Cibitoke

A child runs towards his house in the Chibitoke neighbourhood of Bujumbura. Cibitoke have in the past couple of moths been the scene of violent protests against the presidents third term bid.

05 July 2015

On assignment: Grenade attack

A victim of a grenade attack on a local shop in central Bujumbura, lays on a gurney as medical staff provide medical treatment at Prince Louis Rwagasore Clinic. Eight people were injured in the attack.

03 July 2015

On assignment: Death in Bujumbura

A local man show’s the body of Abdul Masumbuko, a young man allegedly killed by a grenade he was handling in Jade neighbourhood in Bujumbura.

30 June 2015

On assignment: Burundi elections

A staff member of the Burundian National Independent Electoral Commission prepare a room at a polling station in Cibitoke neighbourhood in Bujumbura, minutes before the start of the vote for the country’s parliamentary elections.

29 June 2015

On assignment: Musaga protests

Demonstrators in Musaga, a district in Burundi’s capital Bujumbura that has been at the heart of violent protests against the presidents third term bid, react to sustained automatic fire allegedly fired by police forces.

22 June 2015

On assignment: Bujumbura students

One of the 512 Burundian university students currently seeking shelter outside the US embassy in Bujumbura, sits on a foam mattress in a room of a vacant building close by.

The students moved to the area in early May because, they claim, the US authorities ensure their security, after their university was closed amid anti-government protests. The government closed the university at the end of April, citing “insecurity”.

01 June 2015

Tearsheets: Radical buddhism in Expresso

Below, a screengrab of and article by my colleague and friend Margarida Mota, illustrated with a photograph I took of Ashin Wirathu minutes before my interview with him at his temple in Mandalay.

Margarida's article can be read (in Portuguese only) here: 'Quando os Nobel da Paz contribuem para a guerra'

31 May 2015

Tearsheets: Ashin Wirathu in Expresso

My interview (and photo) with Ashin Wirathu, the Buddhist monk and spiritual leader of the 969 anti-Muslim movement in Burma/Myanmar, in this week's print edition of Expresso.

28 May 2015

From the archive: Dawn in Yangon

A local resident exercises in the early hours of the day, facing a fenced garden in central Yangon.