16 December 2014

From the archive: Christmas tree

A christmas tree is seen standing between tents used as shelter by anti-government protestors in Kiev’s Independence Square.

12 December 2014

Irish water protest march

An inflatable rat is carried through the crowd, as tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to the introduction of water charges in Ireland surrounded the country’s parliament bringing Dublin to a near standstill.

01 December 2014

On assignment: Belfast

A children’s mixed-race basketball team during training at the Olympia Leisure Centre in Belfast. The team is sponsored by local social and integrations groups and coached by David Cullem, a former player from Northen Ireland national team.

Photo taken last week on assignment for The New York Times.

21 November 2014

On assignment: Racism in Northern Ireland

An asian man walks by in a rainy evening in central Belfast. Racism has become a major issue in Northern Ireland in recent months. According to local police statistics, Belfast have shown a sharp increase in race crimes and racist incidents in the past two years, with most attacks taken place in loyalist working-class areas.

05 November 2014

01 November 2014

Tearsheets: Azov Battalion in Expresso

My latest story from eastern Ukraine in this week's print edition of Expresso'Os ultranacionalistas do Batalhão Azov''

30 October 2014

AZOV Battalion

Mariupol, Ukraine - October 20, 2014: Members of AZOV Battalion, a ultra-nationalist Ukrainian militia, takes guard in an outpost by the sea at their main military base in Mariupol. The extensive military base was once a beach resort, part of the large portfolio of properties owned by the former president Viktor Yanukovich.

25 October 2014

Tearsheets: Lives underground

My latest story from eastern Ukraine in this week's print edition of Expresso: 'Em Donetsk vive-se debaixo de terra''

15 October 2014


Donetsk, Ukraine - October 15, 2014: A nurse prepares tea and biscuits for blood donors at a blood bank clinic in Donetsk, as military leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic visited the clinic to donate blood.

10 October 2014

Heading back to eastern Ukraine

Grabovo, Donetsk, Ukraine - August 02, 2014: A local resident cools down at a shade of a tree, meters from the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 near Grabovo town in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines flight was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed killing all 298 on board including 80 children. The aircraft was allegedly shot down by a missile and investigations continue over the perpetrators of the attack.

03 September 2014

From the archive: War in Syria

August 09, 2012 - Aleppo, Syria: A group of Free Syria Army (FSA) fighters leave their headquarters in Haneno neighborhood, to join their comrades on the frontline at Salehedine, Aleppo.

01 September 2014

Back from holidays

I'm back form a two weeks holidays in Southeast Asia. Getting back to work soon.
Below, a local merchant does his bookkeeping at the end of the day in central Melaka, Malaysia.

29 August 2014

Tearsheets: Jim Foley in Expresso

Here's the tearsheet of my humble homage to my late colleague and friend James Foley, published in Expresso a day after his assassination by the ISIS terrorists somewhere in Syria. This is one of the most difficult articles I ever wrote.